Solo show at Speerstra Gallery “Variations”, 2018

Selection of artworks 2013-2018


Alexey Kuznetsov, together with Speerstra Galley present his latest exhibition titled ‘Variations’. Collating previously unseen works from over a five-year period. Using past techniques here the artist moves into experimentation with new materials tracing elemental transformations of dynamic and gestural strokes. With a foundation of 15 years origins in graffiti career and street calligraphy, here worlds of abstract and street thread into each other in seamless waves.

A virtuoso either wearing a fat cap or brandishing a palette knife, he presents us with harmonic colours and compositional clarity the delicate application of colours feels dream like, using primarily shades of grey with shards of colour. Later works in acrylic also in monochrome show trace elements throughout so the the viewer experiences feelings of calm with dynamics of an intense silence.


works on canvas from exhibition:


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